Fostering Innovation through Research, Science and Technology

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1. Project name: "Fostering Innovation through Research, Science and Technology"

2. Line ministry/Project owner:

            Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)

            Add: 113, Tran Duy Hung, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi

            Tel: 043-9435376

            Fax: 043-9439987

3. Implementing agencies:

-     A Central Project Management Unit (CPMU) will be established by MOST as a standing focal point to assist MOST in performing the project owner's duties and implementing project activities.

-     Participating Government Research Institutes (GRIs), foreign talents and Overseas Vietnamese (OV), and enterprises will be selected to implement sub-projects and establish their Sub-project Management Units (SPMUs). The degree of decentralization in financial and procurement management between CPMU and SPMUs will be determined by capacity assessments of the SPMUs against MOST and WB's requirements and criteria.

4. Project duration: 60 months

- Start date:  October 23, 2013

- End date:   June 30, 2019

5. Project location:

- MOST and several provinces/cities in which selected beneficiaries are located.

- Hoa Lac High Tech Park.

6. Project funding:             

- Total amount of project funding:                 US$ 110,000,000: of which

- IDA fund:                                                     US$ 100,000,000

- Vietnam's counterpart fund:                         US$ 10,000,000 (VND 200 billion equivalent)

Funding sources:

ODA source:                                                      US$ 100 million

Counterpart fund form the state budget:    VND 200 billion (US$ 10 million equivalent)


7. Project objectives

a. Overall objectives

The long term objective of the Fostering Innovation through Science, Research and Technology Project (FIRST) is to support higher productivity, competitiveness, and quality of Vietnam's economic growth through improving scientific research performance, developing and applying technologies, and promoting innovation in enterprises with a view to increase the added value of domestic economy.

b. Specific objectives

The project seeks to support science and technology (S&T), and promotes innovation via (i) designing and piloting new policies to improve the national policy framework for S&T; (ii) capacity building for Government Research Institutes (GRIs) towards further linkages with enterprises and market demands; (iii) promoting technology innovation in enterprises, and encouraging the establishment and development of S&T enterprises.


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