August 24, 2016: “Foreign Talents Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Grants” Second Round, 2016

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“Foreign Talents Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Grants”

Second Round, 2016

1.  The Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the International Development Association (IDA) - World Bank (WB) signed the Financing Agreement on the date of July 25, 2013 for the implementation of the "Fostering Innovation through Research, Science and Technology" Project (FIRST Project). The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has been authorized by the Government of Vietnam to be the project owner. FIRST Project has the following main objectives: (i) designing and piloting new policies to improve the national policy framework for science and technology (S&T); (ii) capacity building for Government Research Institutes (GRIs) towards further linkages with enterprises and market demands; (iii) promoting innovation in enterprises, and encouraging the establishment and development of S&T enterprises.


A part of the project funding will be intendedly used by FIRST Project Management Unit (FIRST-CPMU) under Ministry of Science and Technology for providing science, technology and innovation (STI) grants to foreign talents (Sub-component 1a).


2. These grants aim to encourage foreign talented scientists, including overseas Vietnamese experts, to support and collaborate with Vietnamese scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs in order to carry out joint R&D projects, training and knowledge transfer to enhance the capacity for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship development of Vietnamese scientific organizations and enterprises.


3.  Eligible beneficiaries of FIRST Project

Eligible beneficiaries of Foreign Talents STI Grants are: research institutions, universities and/or enterprises (whether public or private) and/or individual researchers or groups thereof which, jointly with similar foreign talents, may apply for the Foreign Talents STI Grants to carry out joint research projects, training programs; foster the transfer (local acquisition) or the development of research and know-how and encourage research/scientific investment in Vietnam.


The partnering Vietnamese research institution, enterprise or university shall serve as the financial agent for the purposes of administering the grant.

Moreover, eligible applicants shall not have political, ethnically discriminatory, sectarian or exclusionary purposes, nor be publicly associated therewith.


4.  Foreign Talents STI Grants will not exceed the maximum level of US$ 200,000.

The beneficiaries will be expected to complete their sub-projects within a maximum period of 24 months, and every activity needs to be completed prior to the Project Closing Date of 30th June 2019.


5.  Grant selection process and proposal evaluation criteria

Interested organizations, enterprises and individuals can refer to FIRST Project’s Grant Manual – Section A: Selection Process of Foreign Talents STI Grants (Sub-component 1a) on FIRST Project’s website for detailed grant selection process and proposal evaluation criteria.


6.  Submission of proposals

Applicants are required to complete their proposals in both Vietnamese and English languages and submit to FIRST-CPMU in both forms: online and hard copy, with original signature and stamp of the applicant institution. Each applicant must open their own account to access FIRST Project’s website for filling the application forms and making online submission (please see account opening procedures).

Interested applicants may click here for Application Forms or the following link:


7.   Submission deadline

Proposals, both via online or in hard copy, must be submitted to FIRST-CPMU before 15:00hrs, 27th September 2016.

It is also required that a hard copy in Vietnamese and a hard copy in English will be sealed and sent to FIRST Project (whether by post/express mail or directly) to the address below:

-    The Project Management Unit of "Fostering Innovation through Research, Science and Technology (FIRST)" Project –Ministry of Science and Technology

-    Address: 15th Floor, Thang Long Tower - 98A Nguy Nhu Kon Tum Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

-    Tel: +844-62864961 - Fax: +844-62864956

-    Project Director: Mr. Tran Quoc Thang - Email:


8.  Support to interested applicants

Interested applicants may, during the proposal preparation, seek for support from FIRST Project by sending queries directly to FIRST-CPMU at the above address or via e-mail: or telephone: 091 3247708 (Mr. Ta Ba Hung – Sub-component Lead Consultant).


To support interested applicants in proposal preparation, FIRST-CPMU intends to organize 03 workshops on “FIRST Project and Guidance on Grant Application” as follows:


-  Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City: 13th September 2016

-  Workshop in Da Nang: 15th September 2016

-  Workshop in Hanoi: 17th September 2016


Please send us your registration for attending the workshops (in this form) before 7th September 2016. FIRST-CPMU will then send the formal invitation to workshop participants.








Tran Quoc Thang


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