[MASHAV+YABT] Invitation to International Course: Innovative Entrepreneurship: From an Idea to Starting a Business

Cập nhật: 07/09/2015 15:42
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MASHAV - Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation with YABT (Young Americas Business Trust) Organization of American States invite professionals to participate in the International Course: Innovative Entrepreneurship: From an Idea to Starting a Business from 4 - 21 January, 2016

Innovation in the modern economy is a complex process involving the interactions of many actors (stakeholders) through the various stages of development of a new venture: entrepreneurs, academic and R&D institutions, and other firms (suppliers, customers, competitors, public bodies, consumers, etc.). The innovation process includes systemic interaction between participating stakeholders and is related to Public Private Partnership (PPP).
Innovation is crucial for differentiation in businesses in a world of constant change and younger generations are bringing this change about, in both the social and the business spheres.
The innovative entrepreneur is the central figure in the innovation process. The entrepreneur is the main driving force in the complex process that transforms a theoretical idea into a commercially viable product or service. However, commercializing an innovation can be extremely difficult and cumbersome for start-up innovative entrepreneurs, who face additional obstacles (compared to established firms) in the spheres of finance, technology, management, etc.
Without entrepreneurs innovation would stagnate and economic growth would stall.
Innovation creates valuable ideas and entrepreneurship capitalizes on those ideas and gives them life. The combination of these two elements produces new businesses or business initiatives that advance industries, disrupt markets and spur economic growth.

Israel has the proven capacity to turn ideas into innovative products and services. It is within this framework that the present Workshop is offered.

These will include on-site visits to selected Israeli organizations involved in innovative ventures as well as meetings with entrepreneurs.

For more information, please see the course program.

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